Letter Recognition on the Las Vegas Strip – THE ANSWERS!

Mommy Vegas Idea #35 “Mommy! I SEE SUPER LETTERS!” – PART 2 – The ANSWERS! A while back, ok, a LONG while back, we posted a letter scavenger hunt, now one of Little Bug’s favorite games: “SUPER LETTERS!” Essentially we … Continue reading

Mommy Vegas Hot 7 – Free Attractions

Mommy Vegas Idea #34 Hot 7 Family-Friendly Vegas Freebies This week was the 7th anniversary of our family, so the Lucky #7 has been hot on my mind! I tried to come up with the best things we’d done and … Continue reading

Lego Store opens at Fashion Show Mall

Mommy Vegas Idea #31 There’s a new kid on the block The Lego Store has landed at the Fashion Show Mall! What does this mean for Las Vegas families? More than you may think if you’re only imagining yet another … Continue reading