The Gnome Project

Nice has never felt so naughty! Have you ever secretly done a good deed, or noticed one? Do you pick up trash when you go for a walk/jog, enjoy leaving nice messages on napkins for future diners, leave various treasures for others to find, give food/water/clothes to the less fortunate, or simply like making others smile? You might be a Gnomie! Join The Gnome Project movement and spread joy, love, and kindness… with or without notice!

Each month The Gnome Project hosts a social good deed. Meet-ups are organized here in Las Vegas and suggestions are posted on our Instagram feed (@naptime_gnome) and our FaceBook page ( for our Gnomies in other locations. If you’d like to start a Gnomie group in your area and aren’t sure how to get started, contact us!

Follow us and contribute (#TheGnomeProject) on Instagram (@naptime_gnome) or Facebook!

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