Lego Store opens at Fashion Show Mall

Mommy Vegas Idea #31

There’s a new kid on the block

DSCN0576The Lego Store has landed at the Fashion Show Mall! What does this mean for Las Vegas families? More than you may think if you’re only imagining yet another venue to purchase plastic building materials.

Where to begin?..

Well first, there is the ever changing array of demos and displays offering plenty of inspiration for young (and young-at-heart) builders. DSCN0574OOO, and what would a Vegas venue be without a well appointed buffet? That’s right, you can actually sample the exact pieces you desire (or perhaps require) to finish your masterpiece, and pay by weight. I don’t know about you, but I have often pondered what to do once the one, and only, steering wheel in the “must have” car building set goes missing!DSCN0582You can even build your own mini people, DSCN0505no nuclear transfer necessary! You simply select your head, body, legs, headgear, and accessory of choice and you are 1/3 of the way to building your very own MiniFigure 3 pack!

We actually devoted a visit to creating our own MiniFigures. Mine resembled Katniss Everdeen, Little Bear’s bore an unmistakable resemblance to a house-elf (complete with tiny teacup), and Bug’s was a striking mermaid with Hermione Granger hair and a water-resistant bit of mail, presumably prepared for owl post. DSCN0507

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Lego Store, as far as we’re concerned :), is the packed calendar of events! Including Master Builder demonstrations, like the one held upon opening day with Master Builder Dan (a great big thank you to our friends at for the invite!), DSCN0515free “Monthly Mini Models,” store coordinated building clubs, themed building events, figure scavenger hunts and much more. For a complete listing of upcoming store events visit the store homepage and checkout the store’s monthly newsletter (mouse over to enlarge)!

What’s more is the entire store is essentially a tiny Lego museum, with dioramas ranging from a mini theater to the store itself!DSCN0584

Pair your visit with a stop at Teavana or the California Pizza Kitchen and make an event of it!


The new Lego Store is located on the lower level of the Fashion Show Mall, near the Runway, across from Apple. We prefer parking near Dilliard’s, but the choice is yours. You can see it here on the Mommy Vegas Map, and within the mall on the Fashion Show map.

Happy building!


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