Letter Recognition on the Las Vegas Strip – THE ANSWERS!

Mommy Vegas Idea #35


DSCN8007A while back, ok, a LONG while back, we posted a letter scavenger hunt, now one of Little Bug’s favorite games: “SUPER LETTERS!” Essentially we pack a bag of snacks and head down to the Strip to see who can find all the letters from the alphabet first. At first it was just a fun way to practice letter recognition while playing tourist, but now it’s an all out race to see who can complete the alphabet first. Of course Bug and Bear are still too small to even consider an actual “race” down the Strip, but it is fun to see how fast we can spot all the letters alphabetically.

To download our game card for free, checkout our original post HERE. You can make up the specifics of your game rules, making it a race to the finish, a reason to look up and see the crazy lights, a letter recognition game, or even a quirky game to play while running down the strip in pink wedding vale with your closest friends.

Now, if you want to be surprised and find all the letters on your own, no hints, go… print the hunt… have a BLAST! Oh, and come back later.  If you aren’t the surprise type, or already did the hunting bit — here are the answers:

  • A – Aria
  • B – Bellagio
  • C – Cosmopolitan
  • D – Drai’s
  • E – Encore
  • F – Flamingo
  • G – MGM
  • H – Planet Hollywood (ph sign)
  • I – Treasure Island/TI
  • J – Jockey Club
  • K – New York, New York
  • L – Luxor
  • M – Mandalay Bay
  • N – New York – New York
  • O – Bellagio (the “O” sign)
  • P – Paris
  • Q – The Quad
  • R – Trump
  • S – Caesar’s Palace
  • T – Tropicana
  • U – Luxor
  • V – Venetian
  • W – Wynn
  • X – Excalibur
  • Y – Bally’s
  • Z – Palazzo



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