Back, and hopefully better than ever!

Naptime Gnome #41

Out with the old and in with the new!

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Sorry for yet another hiatus. My last few months have been so packed with excitement and family… not to mention the seemingly revolving door of various viruses (thank you kindergarten! :). Amid all the crazy, and paucity of napping, blogging has taken a bit of a backseat (more like a trunk… can you strap a blog to the roof?), but I miss it, so my New Year’s resolution this year has been to get more organized so I can have more time to write about the rest!

One thing my new, and ever so delightful, neighbor and Gnomey (you’ll be hearing a whole lot more about KnitTwit Gnome I’m sure!) has helped me realize is even though I don’t have much time to talk about what I’m doing, I do something share worthy nearly everyday. As I’m already recording much of what I do with pictures, I’m going to be doing a lot more photo posting and lot less blabbing, so please feel free to ask questions and comment, and I’ll do my best to get back to you and throw in the occasional tutorial when requested.

That being said, in interest of blogging more, I’m going to blog less… at a time that is! I’m also starting an instagram account (naptime_gnome) thanks to another recommendation from KnitTwit Gnome.

So without further adieu, one of my favorite “let’s get organized” projects, our master bathroom. Don’t be fooled, while this project did help us organize our bathroom, it was really about getting our GARAGE organized. Almost everything used for this project was a leftover from another project or had just been taking up space in our garage! The towels were the only exception, which were Christmas presents. Otherwise, I was sitting on the floor of my garage in a heap of wood measuring each length and attempting to use up as much as I could!

The whole bathroom is essentially leftovers:

  • Kitchen cabinet baseboards for under the cabinets, and framing the window
  • Chair-rail from the laundry room for under the ledge by the bathtub
  • Crown molding from the built-ins in Little Bug’s room for the shelves and under the window ledge
  • Baseboard from the “10% overage” we bought for the rest of the house to frame the mirror frame
  • Spray paint from some faux candles from the dining room for the glass on the light
  • Silver spray paint from a Christmas present I made for the switch plates, mirror frame, flower pot, and soap dispenser lid
  • Some of the hardware was off a dresser I repurposed, but I did have to purchase some.
  • The tile edging was purchased for a steel at a garage sale a few years ago, but had just been taking up space in the garage
  • The decorative light frame came with a can-light adapter, but we didn’t end up using it with that fixture
  • The cabinet paint was left over from the kid’s bathroom… which was actually left over from Little Bug’s bedroom furniture… I feel we really got our money’s worth out of that little box of Cabinet Transformations, there’s still enough to finish the cabinet in the hall!
  • Most of the paint was from the closet project
  • Most of the plaster was from the closet project

So the only things we purchased

  • Some cabinet hardware
  • A can of paint (the remainder of which will be used in the Master Bedroom project!)
  • A HUGE tub of plaster… which will also be used in the Master Bedroom!

So here is my lovely leftover bathroom!

Before (Sorry, I didn’t realize my before picture was so blatantly awful! You can’t see that the mirror is not framed and there is really no trim work to speak of, I don’t count door frames and builder baseboard 🙂 :

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 9.57.54 AM


Builder lamp… and yes, it really had two bulbs burnt out… for the LONGEST TIME – I’m soo lazy!



 Gnome Tasks:

  • Ripped out the old floors
  • Plastered the walls
  • Removed the closet doors
  • Painted the cabinets
  • Added hardware
  • Placed a cornice and curtain to soften the break between the two spaces
  • Upgraded the baseboard
  • Added trim and ledges around the window and bump-out near the tub
  • Put tile edging on the counters, shower and tub
  • Striped/sanded/painted light fixture
  • Sanded and painted switch plates
  • Skirted the cabinets in baseboard
  • Hung a curtain on window (wish I would have gotten a shot of the before of this area, maybe I can get one of a neighbor’s house later 😉
  • Put in shelves near the tub.

What we brought in the pros for:

  • The floors in both the closet and bathroom were laid when we had the downstairs and other bathrooms done (WOW! THAT WAS A BIG JOB! Can’t believe I considered doing that myself… I’d still be working on them…THANKS HONEY!… and you were right…)

Here are a couple shots of the process:


-The Naptime Gnome <;’)

PS: A great big thank you to Little Bug for taking a morning nap!!! Haven’t seen that in a while!

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