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Naptime Gnome Idea #36

“Chalkboard” paint, a happy accident

In the last post I challenged you to spot the chalkboards in this picture: IMG_0095Surprise! None of these items were originally intended to be chalkboards! The chair and dresser in the guest/sewing room were both painted with matte finish black paint, but one day Little Bug decided to decorate them with chalk, and I decided “why not?!,” so I joined in the fun! DSCN6540 It turns out flat/matte finish dark paints make pretty good chalkboard paint as long as they are fairly high quality so they don’t wash off.  Now we can leave our guests notes on the bed-side dresser, including how to operate the coffee machine! IMG_0093The “thinking chair” bit is somewhat of a joke around here. We ask our little ones to go sit and relax in the “thinking chair” when they are seemingly about to loose their cool, or when they can’t control themselves they “get to” go cool off there. Which is really any chair that one sits in, by one’s self, to collect one’s self. Communication with the individual in the thinking chair is to be limited until said individual cools off and talks out his/her frustration. Bug views the thinking chair as great fun and will often tell us she’s in the thinking chair even when she hasn’t lost her temper and appears to be in no immediate danger of losing her temper. Bear, on the other hand, DETESTS the thinking chair, mostly because he’s supposed to be quiet… which of course is not his thing. Mommy is more like Bug in that she LOVES the idea of a chair that delineates “me space.” So everyone got a pretty big kick out of seeing Mommy in the “thinking chair” for the first time!

I wish I would have taken before pics of the $5 chair I got at ReStore, but just imagine it very rickety, with worn white paint, and a VERY loved blue and white floral seat cover. I found the dresser on the curb, looking an awful lot like this (actually this is an improvement… post cleaning):IMG_0122

A little bit of love and a whole lot of wood putty later:DSCN5500

The floral design was laid with just a simple stencil masked off and sprayed with gloss spray paint. DSCN5502The biggest investment on this project was the knobs, but I wanted to tie it in with the light fixture.  Here’s the rest of the room: DSCN5586The light fixture was a find too, although I’m on the hunt for a a used ceiling fan as our guests have been requesting such. This light started out pewter with glass under the “candles.” I found it in the free section on craigslist. It was missing some hardware, had some boo-boos, and the wiring was a bit messed up as someone had literally ripped it out of the ceiling, but I think it cleaned up pretty well. The metal is painted with satin spray paint in black. The glass parts were frosted so they held paint really well. They’re done with high gloss black spray paint. The most costly part of the project was the crystals which run about $0.80 to $1/each. They were attached with jewelry cording and the whole thing was topped off with some lampshades (from a garage sale). The project was around $15 as I recall. If you had to buy the shades new, it would be much more, but still cheaper than a similar fixture new. If you are looking to recreate this look and you’re in Las Vegas, I see both the crystals and the lampshades at a greatly reduced price at ReStore all the time (the shades are apparently donated in bulk by the casinos).


The Naptime Gnome <;’)


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