McCarran Runway Observation Area and Airplane Bingo Printable

Mommy Vegas Idea #30

Just plane fun!DSCN6550

If you have any airplane enthusiasts in the house and you haven’t ventured down to the McCarran Observation Lot yet, we highly recommend it (Not if Vegas? This game can be played just about anywhere, but you may need to modify the cards or make your own). The Observation Lot is located on the North side of Sunset Rd., just South of the airport runway, West of Eastern Ave. The lot is open to the public to park and watch the planes take-off and land, between 5:00 am and 1:00 am. Supposedly, you can even tune your radio to 101.1 FM and listen to Air Traffic Control, but we’ve never been able to get much more than murmuring and static, but even without the commentary, we always have a great time!DSCN6551In the past we’ve enjoyed watching the planes come in, making up stories about where they have been and who may be on board, or guessing which one is carrying our incoming guest prior to venturing over to grab them once they call. This morning, we tried something completely different, we tested out an idea the Naptime Gnome has been playing with for a while: Airplane Bingo! DSCN0563It. was. AWE-SOME. Bingo may sound a little lame, and I admit watching airplanes land and take-off may not be all that exciting either, but the melding of the two is a must try. The suspense of what plane may appear next really made the game. We’d go a few minutes sometimes without a move, looking, listening, waiting, and them BAM!, the next move would quite literally fall out of the sky! The kids got so into it, the Little Bear even started trash talking a bit, well, trash talking for him, “Oh yeah. Another one for me. What you didn’t get one that time? Awwww, the planes must really like me!” Of course there was some commotion over Baby Bug eating the marker tokens off the cards… but truly, it was just plane awesome!

Looking to give it a try?

  1. Make up your cards or print a few of ours, click here! There are 8 cards total (2 on each page).Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 3.56.26 PM
  2. Bring something to mark them (we used cashews, but candy, some other small snack, or a writing utensil will work just fine).
  3. Pack some snacks and drinks… and possibly the binoculars.
  4. Head down to the McCarran Observation Lot (see it on the Mommy Vegas Map here).
  5. Find a good place to park and either sit on the concrete or in the back of the car/truck so you can see (we back in and open the SUV hatch).
  6. Lay out the rules. Decide if you will allow multiple spaces for one plane or if the planes have to be landing, taking off, or at least on the move. We decided each plane could only be used once, and once a space had been marked, it couldn’t be “transferred.” We also decided any moving plane was fair game.
  7. PLAY!

Happy playing!



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