Some of our favorite Easter Traditions – Part 2

Naptime Gnome Idea #34

The Easter Squirrels are coming!DSCN2245When you think of Easter candy what conjures up in your mind? Yellow sugar coated chicks made of ooey gooey marshmallow? Or chocolate eggs oozing with sugary “yolk?” Perhaps the standout is the giant chocolate squirrel nestled amid jelly beans and chocolate eggs? What’s this, you have never encountered the illusive Easter Squirrel? They are rare, but we catch a glimpse of them once a year around Easter. If fact, the chocolate squirrel is the only chocolate Easter mammal known to the little ones around here. The seemingly ubiquitous chocolate bunny has never once made an appearance in their baskets.

So how did the Easter Squirrel come to be? No one knows for sure, but I received my first squirrel the first Easter I spent with Mr. Gnome. A box arrived presumably from the Easter Bunny, who coincidentally shares the same postal code as my hubby’s mom. I opened the box to find oodles of goodies and two sealed chocolate pika in bunny boxes (you could plainly see the indentations intended for ears in the preformed plastic trays). DSCN0388Confused, and a bit concerned, for I was certain of some mutiny in the Easter Bunny’s headquarters, I consulted my then-boyfriend about the possibility of an oversight in quality control under the watchful eye of the great E.B. He looked equally confused, “What’s a Pie Kah?” After a brief explanation he decided pika must be fictional, unlike the Easter Bunny. Hmmm… Squirrels then. He went on: “everyone knows the real Easter Bunny doesn’t have ears, and these have simply been made in his likeness.” I proposed my hypothesis that perhaps the Bunny isn’t a bunny at all and has merely been masquerading as one all these years in an effort to be taken more seriously (after all squirrels are a bit, well, squirrelly). We concurred that indeed, the fuzzball in charge is undoubtedly a ground squirrel, and the kids have known no other Easter icon.DSCN4969

Now that we make our own Easter confections, as the store bought varieties are not typically within Little Bear’s dietary restrictions, we are sure to maintain anatomical likeness to the authentic Easter Squirrel, who of course calls himself the Easter Bunny. We also cram him full of peanut or marshmallow, as it turns out, vegan dark chocolate isn’t exceptionally palatable to little people.


-The Naptime Gnome <;’)


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