Mouse Paint Educational Egg Dying Activity with MVP

Naptime Gnome Idea #33

Happy Easter Mouse Paint!DSCN0234Move over lagomorphs, the rodents are taking over Easter at our house! So we’ve gotten a little into “Happy Easter Mouse,” and I’d been thinking that I wanted to do a color mixing activity with our egg dying this year. Then inspiration struck (I love it when it does that!)! But first some backstory… A few weeks back my little guy had gotten all excited about a Mouse Paint activity they’d done in pre-school, he and his best friend were mice for the next several days. I ended up printing all sorts of activities I found online for him and his sister to get more out of the experience (here and here and here and here). DSCN9165If you aren’t familiar with this fun book, you can preview it here, or buy it on Amazon here. Anyway, I thought hard-boiled eggs would make excellent mice, so I set to gluing tails on them and drawing simple faces. DSCN0191This is how they turned out:  DSCN0214Next I made up some dye using food coloring, vinegar and water in red, yellow and blue (Mouse helped).DSCN0187And tested them for dye time while the kiddos slept.DSCN0218I found our little egg timer (hourglass) we use to brush the kidlettes teeth was about perfect for vibrant true colors (about 2 minutes, but your dye time may vary depending on materials).

Little Bug and Bear have been getting really into activity mats, so I made up a pictorial guide (you can print here) for the project and laminated it so they could shower it with their every affection without excessive maiming.

Next I cut a row with six wells off a flat of eggs so the mice wouldn’t escape. DSCN0189All so we could do this:DSCN0220Bug was anxious to dye eggs, but her method of dying entails removing all the already dyed eggs from the drying rack to redye in the corresponding color. This drives Little Bear BANANAS. So after spending the morning playing with the dye and eggs, we decided to leave this special project for him to enjoy on his own.DSCN0256Once our princess Bug went down for nap, Bear was primed and ready. He followed his diagram PERFECTLY, used his timer religiously, and even told the story of Mouse Paint while he was dipping! DSCN0227The bit where Yellow Mouse was dancing in the paint to make green (shown by dipping just his hind end in the blue) was HYSTERICAL!DSCN0229When Bug awoke she gleefully helped color match crayons to each mouse.DSCN0230And her Bear showed her how to color each mouse to record our results (though he was a bit flustered with the crayons and decided we need a rainbow of dry erase markers… we’ll see). By-the-by, if you decide to execute this one at home, don’t bother laminating unless you like to use them as place mats too. The coloring would be far more fun on paper. Maybe print two, one to get all drippy while dying, and the other to record the results. Speaking of results…DSCN0241

The rest of the afternoon was spent hiding and seeking with the mice. We all took turns hiding and finding them. I got a kick out of hiding them on surfaces upon which they were camouflaged.

This project was so simple and fun, I can’t wait to repeat it a few more times! Our little guy is already demanding we do it again. I think I’m going to need a few more flats of eggs! Hope you and yours enjoy it too!

Happy Mouse Painting & ENJOY!

-Mommy Vegas & The Naptime Gnome <;’)


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