Our Favorite Easter Traditions – Part 1

Naptime Gnome Idea #32

Happy Easter Mouse egg huntDSCN0261The activity the kids seem to look forward to most in regard to Easter is their annual pre-egg-hunt egg-hunt. Every Easter morning, the kids wake up to immediately assist their friend Mouse in finding all of the eggs Bunny has hidden. This started the Easter Little Bear turned 1. He had received the book, “Happy Easter Mouse,” from his Grammie and Grampy. He so loved the book that a few gnomes decided it would be fun to recreate the story for him. It was such a huge hit, he requested it the next year, and the next… It’s hard to believe this will be our 5th annual Mouse Egg hunt!

We always read “Happy Easter Mouse” (from the creators of, “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”) the evening prior. In years past Mouse has been snuggled in with Little Bear, the book on his nightstand. DSCN3681Before he began reading, the book was read to him as he ran from place to place looking for eggs. But the last couple of years Mouse has been found in different beds, and the kids hunted out the eggs together while Little Bear read each page. DSCN3683

Every other year we have used plastic eggs, but Little Bear suggested we dye some eggs the night prior for Bunny (the gnomes) to hide, just like Mouse does in the book. DSCN3688Stage your own Mouse Egg Hunt!

You’ll need:

  • Happy Easter Mouse Book (buy it here on Amazon, or preview it before you buy it with this precious YouTube reading!)
  • Mouse (we use this Folkmanis mouse puppet, he also acts out the “If you Give A Mouse…” books, and makes appearances as Dormouse at our Mad Hatter Tea, the Mouse Paint Mouse, and various other characters)
  • Bunny
  • 1 yellow egg
  • 2 red eggs
  • 3 blue eggs
  • 4 orange eggs
  • 5 purple eggs
  • 6 green eggs

Read the book the night before (Easter Eve?). Decorate eggs or fill plastic eggs with treats. While the kiddos sleep, hide the eggs according to the book. When they wake, point out that mouse is still asleep, ex: “And look! He has 1 YELLOW egg!!! There must be more… maybe you should wake him!” Grab the book and the hunt is on! We always place Bunny and the Easter baskets conspicuously near the green eggs, but play with it and make it your own! We’d love to hear about your adaptations!


-The Naptime Gnome <;’)

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