Angel Park “Mini” Golf

Mommy Vegas Idea #27

FORE! A great time, visit Angel Park!DSCN0042Fore is pretty much the word of the day: for $4 your 4 year old, can yell “FORE!” to his or her little heart’s content… and really mean it! Clear the way the tiny golfers are on the loose! IMG_1373But you don’t have to be a tyke to enjoy this awesome miniature golf experience! Anyone is welcome to play a round (2, really) on this beautiful 9 hole putting course. $5* for adults and $4* for children (17 and under*) and seniors (65 and over*), grants you the use of 2 balls and the putter of your choiceDSCN0022 for up to 18 holes of the most amazing miniature golf I’ve ever encountered.DSCN0024You won’t find windmills or crazy clowns to feed funky colored rubber golf balls. What you will find is herds of fluffy bunnies grazing on the finely manicured “rough,”DSCN0026 troops of tiny toadlets exploring impossibly emerald greens in the morning glow of the summer sun, families of ducks waddling toward the water hazards, tiny sand traps complete with rakes, and all the other benefits of a day out on the course. IMG_1371You even check in at a real club house. Your every sense will be flooded with the sights, sounds, smells and surroundings of “REAL” golf!  That’s because it is a REAL golf course! This beautiful putting course is situated just north of the club house at Angel Park, that’s right, the same Angel Park Golf Course that’s won Best of Las Vegas, 14 of the last 15 years!DSCN0019 While Angel Park is well known in the golfing community, very few people realize it is also home to “The World’s Original Putting Course.” It’s intended as a practice putting course for “real” golfers, but it makes for an amazing introduction to a fun and relaxing sport for the whole family.


Easter Bunny?

A few words of caution: because this is a real course and not a novelty putt-putt, there are real golf carts about, and real golfers who, understandably, expect some level of professional and sportsmanlike courtesy. So mind your golfer’s etiquette and keep the little ones in check (within reason, you still want to have a great time!), and be considerate of other players. If you’re new to golf as well, just remember it is common practice to let smaller parties and those moving faster through the holes “play through,” meaning you let them pass you when you get to a new hole and realize they’re on your tail. You also want to leave every hole the way you found it, so replace pins if you or your crew remove them, replace any unfortunate divots and rake the sand traps if any of your party found themselves in the sand for any reason.

IMG_0980If you’re littles are really club crazed, golf clubs that is, you may want to checkout the junior golf camps. We haven’t explored these options yet, as our munchies are still quite tiny, but Little Bear is chomping at the bit to turn 7… apparently that’s when the magic begins. If you have had any experience with the golf camps so far, we’d love to hear about it!


A 2 year old Little Bear learning to “drive” for the first time.

*All prices, ages and times of operation are subject to change at anytime. Information herein was accurate at the time of posting, to our best knowledge. Check the Angel Park website, call, or visit the club house to verify or gain additional information.

Getting There

Angel Park Golf Club

100 S. Rampart Boulevard

Check their website for hours as they change throughout the year. The course is lit so you can play after dark as long as the putting course is open, they open as early as 6:30 am, and as late as 8:30 pm, but be sure to check their hours.

See it on the Mommy Vegas Map!

They are located just South of Summerlin Parkway on Rampart, across the street (east) from the J.W. Marriott.

Happy Golfing!


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