Intro to the “NEW” Downtown! Way too much for one post… so how about an intro!

Mommy Vegas Idea #26

The “New” Downtown.DSCN8071If you’ve been avoiding downtown, it’s time to reassess. There was a time when a lot of us would never think to explore the downtown area, particularly with kiddlettes in tow, any farther than the light cast from the Fremont Street Experience canopy, but that time has long past. Thanks to the hard work and vision of an awful lot of amazing, creative, and dedicated people and businesses, the Downtown area has been metamorphosing into one beautiful and gregarious butterfly! We can thank the Goodman Family and Zappos for sure, but the manpower that has gone into this amazing project is really unbelievable!  It’s been a work in progress for some time, but lately it seems to be exploding into the lime light, as the fun, light, and excitement seep down Fremont,DSCN8322 past Las Vegas Boulevard and into the Container Park (the location that prompted this post, so you can bet there will be one dedicated to it soon!) and Learning Village, and stretched south through the Arts District with it’s crown jewel of First Friday, and even the more established locations are experiencing new light. The Neon Boneyard for example has established a fine little army of volunteers and enthusiastic visitors.

You could spend a week downtown and not experience all the FAMILY friendly experiences the community has to offer. Take in a show at the Smith Center, spend a day… or two, at the adjoining Discovery Children’s Museum, get up close and personal with a shark in what TripAdvisor called one of the most “jaw-dropping” pools in the WORLD at the Golden Nugget (that’s right, THE WORLD), spend some time connecting with the past at The Natural History Museum or plan a picnic and a few old fashioned games at the Old Mormon Fort (oh, don’t worry, there’s soon to be a post on that, too!), take in a game at Cashman Field where the 51s play, or explore an exhibition at Cashman Center. But we’ve been able to do most of that for YEARS, now there’s even MORE, so what can you expect from some of the newer venues?

Here’s just a taste:

Enjoy a morning in the park or a live show on the grass as the kids play with over-sized blocks at the Container Park. DSCN8349Attend a family night or class at the Learning Village, DSCN8355spend the First Friday of every month cruising the local art scene, and yes, it’s TOTALLY kid friendly (ok, this one isn’t new, but many of the great new galleries that have sprung up around it are)! Have a laid-back family brunch at the Arts Factory, spend an afternoon getting great deals on high-end fashion and other finds at the Premium Outlet Center, feel like you’re one of the Good Ol’ Boys at the Mob Museum, or feast on local fresh eats at the Downtown3rd MarketDSCN8281

I want to try something new, so why don’t you tell me what you want to hear more about? Please take a moment and mark any of the locations below you’d like us to review. You can mark as many as you like, but once you hit submit, you’re vote is in… no redos. 😉 Can’t wait to see the results! 

Happy Voting!


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