Sidewalk Chalk Games – Pac Man Tag

Naptime Gnome Post #26

Chalk it all up to a great time!

Welcome to SPRING!IMG_0657

We have officially made it to my favorite season! I know most people prefer Summer, but really, as much as I love the roasty toasty June-August smolder, if I could pick one season to be perpetually stuck in here in Las Vegas, it would be Spring without question!  Nothing beats the fresh smell of flowering fruit trees at dawn, or the sound of twitterpation in the trees, and we’re all huge fans of Daddy arriving home before sun-down, at least some of the time! 🙂

This year has been an odd one, as it seems it’s been Spring for a few months already, but there’s something special about March 20th just the same. One of our favorite things about Spring is spending more time in the yard, our garden is officially in full swing and we love pow-powing with the neighbors all afternoon! IMG_2147Lately a neighborhood favorite has been sidewalk chalk, so we thought we’d share a few of our creations. DSCN5734

Pac Man Tag

Little Bear thought this one up, and with a little help from a crafty gnome, it’s become a cul-de-sac fave!

The Setup

Draw a large square maze in the street or driveway. DSCN5737Be sure to include a safe zone in the center for the “ghosts” DSCN5736and a starting place or “home” for “Pac Man.” DSCN5733Place “power-up” items periodically throughout the maze. We use tennis balls, but you can use rocks, pieces of chalk or virtually anything else that won’t run away.

How to Play

Be creative and make up your own rules, or you can use ours!

How we play

  • Select one person to be Pac Man and the rest to be ghosts. We play with between 2 and 8 people, but 3-5 is ideal, any more and it get’s messy!
  • Start with the ghosts in the “safe zone” and Pac Man in his starting area.
  • Pac Man announces “ready-set-go” and the chase is on!
  • All players must stay between the lines, as if the lines are walls.
  • The ghosts can “get” or tag Pac Man out until (s)he acquires a “power-up,” at which time all the ghosts high-tail it back to safe.
  • Once all the ghosts have either returned to safe or been tagged out, Pac Man returns home, and the power-up is retired until the end of the game.
  • Any ghosts that have been tagged out, remain out for the remainder of the game.
  • The game continues until all the power-ups are gone, all the ghosts have been tagged out, or Pac-Man has been tagged 3 times (feel free to adjust this to suit your needs).
  • The first ghost tagged will be the next Pac Man.
  • If the ghosts tag Pac Man out 3 times they win.
  • If Pac Man manages to tag out all of the ghosts, (s)he wins.
  • In the rare event that Pac Man uses all the power ups but does not manage to tag out all the ghosts, the ghosts win.


The Naptime Gnome <;’)

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