Journey to The Extraterrestrial Highway… and beyond! – with MVP…from the aliens!

Mommy Vegas Idea #25

An out of this world outing! DSCN8702 Some of our closest friends were interested in heading up to the “supposed” vicinity of Area 51 and famed “Black Mailbox.” Being a slightly longer day trip, I was a little concerned about having the kiddlettes captive in the car for that long, but luckily a chance visit from some exotic travelers piqued their interest in the trip just enough to have them sprinting for the car and eagerly fastening their seat-belts. This is the story of one of our best outings ever:

It all started with an innocent bedtime story the night prior. photo(4)We hadn’t read “Aliens Love Underpants” and “Aliens in Underpants Save the World” (which are both EXCELLENT by the way, we highly recommend them) in some time, and with Little Bug’s recent decision to potty train in an effort to don “pretty panties,” it seemed fitting. So we dusted off our copies and crawled into bed.

Little Bear is a big fan of the silly antics of these zany undie-wearing extraterrestrials, and Bug, just as hoped, was rather enamored with the idea of funny little creatures parading about in panties and under-roos. They were so tickled in fact, we ended up reading each book again… and again… and well, let’s just say the next morning there were requests for “MOE AY-YEE-UNS.” So we snuggled in for some more, until it was time to go get ready for our recurring Friday adventure with our friends.

Little Bug ran to get dressed, just as she always does, with exclamations of glee over the prospect of what she may choose from her extensive array of tiny outfits… and… as if on cue, Little Bear complained, drug his feet, and tried to come up with various reasons why we should skip hiking in favor of staying home, as we should always do… forever…

I let Bug to survey her footwear (she prefers to choose accessories, then the outfit), and began the long and silently humorous ordeal that is getting our Bear ready for his day. In true Eeyore-eskian form, he responded to all my questions with mopey non-committals, but then… our typical morning routine took a turn none of us could have ever predicted. When I opened his undie drawer, which should have contained a fine collection of freshly laundered under-roos, all we found was a strangely marked piece of white paper! I held it up, trying to make sense of it, but my smart Little Bear recognized it immediately: “IT’S A LETTER!!! FROM THE ALIENS!!!!”


Here’s a downloadable copy so you can get a closer look! Oh, and there’s even one for older kids!

And then the hysterics began.

He flipped the note over and shoved it into my chest before running into his sister’s room screaming. DSCN8677After confirming his suspicions that they had taken her underpants as well, he was on the hunt for his missing underpants. He searched the house for any sign of the garments, and even found a pair of each of their unders near the front door (thank goodness, I was concerned they may have to go without!). He immediately postulated that they must have had some difficulty with the door and dropped them on their way out. It took some convincing to coax him back up the stairs to put some proper clothing on, but he agreed the weather was not conducive to his jammies and conceded to some slightly warmer attire. He also took it upon himself to notify our friends, via telephone, that our hike would have to be postponed in favor of a dire emergency that necessitated haste and urgency to improve our chances of a successful recovery of his precious underpants. Luckily our friends were eager to join us on our quest, where ever it may have taken us!

I assured Little Bear that I had an idea of where they may have been off to with his undergarments, but it may be a long journey so we needed to be prepared with snacks, a picnic and so forth. Luckily we were already packed for our, um, hike.

So off we went! We headed north on the 15 through Las Vegas and onto Highway 93 to Alamo. Stopping periodically to look for any trace of the aliens. Luckily they left a neat little trail behind them… they were in such a hurry to make it up to the Extraterrestrial Highway.  When ever I saw underpants along the way I would stop, myself or one of our friends would look around to make sure I saw what I had thought I’d seen, and then help the kidlettes out of the car to investigate. DSCN8693

We stopped for lunch in Pahranagat DSCN8694and found not only that the aliens must have stopped there as well, but also that our Nation’s Bird has apparently been camping out there for the Winter!!!!!


Can you see him? He’s serious RIGHT smack dab in the center…

I know it’s silly, but this totally made my day! In all my time gallivanting (and as you know, I spend a lot of time to that effect) about Southern Nevada, I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BALD EAGLE in the WILD! *Yes, that was text yelling. I apologize, I’ll try to contain myself.*


What, you don’t believe me? He’s RIGHT there! 🙂 HOW PRETTY IS (S)HE?!

Well, until I saw this one!

So after chasing the bird halfway around the pond, we saddled back up and worked our way a little closer to our goal.

… Through Alamo…

…Past Ash Springs (don’t blink)…

… Past, well, this…he he he…DSCN8697… Which was apparently our cue to turn, careful, it does sneak up on you a bit…


…and we’re turning…


…and we’re turning…

Then you follow the somewhat meager signage to HWY 375, The Extraterrestrial Highway, you will veer left.


This is the right way… that over to the right is 318 to Ely.

But don’t miss this…DSCN8702

…or this…


“Honey, let’s go ask him if he’s seen your underpants!” …”Mom are you kidding? He’s pretend.”

Then you will see oodles of beautiful scenery, but very little else. Watch out for livestock and other critters. You are extremely likely to see cows — OOO, and dead cows (we saw TWO roadside), which suggests that others saw lives cows… very…. very… close-up. So be uber careful and watch your speed.

You’ll meander through the hills for some time (about 34 miles or so) until you drop down into the Tikaboo Valley. There will be a road straight ahead of you, termed 51 Rd. on maps, that is allegedly one of the routes to Area 51. Do not test this theory. There are many accounts that this is generally not a good idea, particularly with the kiddos.

A few miles down you’ll see a dirt road to the left and a heavily graffitied mailbox. Welcome to the famed “Black Mailbox!” Try to ignore for the moment that it’s not black, and who knows if it’s even a mailbox. It’s still pretty fun. The aliens apparently tried to mail some of our unders back to us!DSCN8710Then we were back on the road to Rachel. DSCN8713You’ll have another photo op for an Extraterrestrial Highway sign, if you are so inclined. DSCN8718What ever you do make sure you stop at Little A’Le’Inn. This place is a true joy. Yes, it is located in a mere wide spot on a desert highway, but the food is great and the company is truly amazing.


A few of the locals even invited Little Bear to join in a game!

We have found the people, both the staff and locals, to be wonderfully kind and hospitable. Little Bear is actually anxiously awaiting a return visit from the aliens!


Little Bear wasn’t such a fan of ALL the “locals” 🙂

With all the excitement of the day, the kiddos slept nearly the whole way back… leaving plenty of time for adult conversation. AHHH, what an awesome day!

Getting To Rachel and the Little A’Le’Inn

See the Little A’Le’Inn on the Mommy Vegas Map.

9631 Old Mill St, Rachel, Nevada

136 miles from the edge of Las Vegas (I measure the north side of town as the Motor Speedway)

  • Take I-15 North out of Las Vegas for 22 miles
  • Take exit 64, US-93 North and follow the road for 85 miles
  • 12 miles past Alamo turn left onto Hwy 318
  • Keep left to veer onto Hwy 375 (less than a mile)
  • You can’t miss Rachel, it’s pretty much the ONLY thing in the Tickaboo Valley, once you come out of the hills (besides the Black Mailbox and a bunch of dirt roads we should probably stay off of)
  • Little A’Le’Inn will be on the left DSCN8720

Want to stage your own underpants adventure?

  2. Print.
  3. Remove our information and fold in half.
  4. Remove all the underwear from your children’s drawers and hide them in a bag or cargo pocketed garment.
  5. Replace underpants with letter.
  6. Plan out your course, whether going all the way to Rachel, or staying in or near the house.
  7. Prepare for your journey if necessary.
  8. Get the kiddos involved.
  9. Hide underpants where ever you like!
  10. Enjoy the frenzy!
  11. Tell us about it!

Happy Hunting,


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