Star Nursery – The veggies are coming, the VEGGIES are coming!

Mommy Vegas Idea #23

The Seediest Place in Vegas – and our favorite place to start when thinning out the underbrush and amping up the GARDEN!DSCN6149Star Nursery is easily one of our favorite family outings, and while a great time can be had on the cheap… picking up a few ladybugs for a festive spring release, or grabbing a great little succulent or herb for a unique house warming or hostess gift, but we, more often than not, end up spending more than our share of time and money here, BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME!DSCN6134Whether you’re starting your first veggie garden, prepping raised beds or planters for another bumper crop, putting in a few desert natives, or helping your littles construct the perfect Fairy Garden, Star has more than enough to get you started and see you through to the gloriously green finish!


How cute are the fairy garden examples they have at Star???

This weekend, President’s Day Weekend, the potted vegetables will be showing up in full force!  So if you haven’t prepped your soil yet, get to work!  I’m excited to go pick-out a few new things to try, but mostly we’ll be starting seeds in the house and sending them out into the world later in the next few months.

Which brings me to my next point, there is a little known aspect of the seed section, which migrates around the store, but it is often located on an end-cap. Periodically older seeds are sold at a fraction of the price. Being that seeds, by their very nature, are viable for quite sometime, I prefer these little bargain beauties. If you have trouble finding them just ask if they have any seeds on special or clearance.

The kids are huge fans of the pond demonstrations at the various locations throughout the valley. We particularly like the location on Blue Diamond, where, if they aren’t terribly busy, a delightfully friendly garden associate often offers treats for the kids to distribute to the crowd pleasing turtles and fish.DSCN6141Star also happens to be the most requested location for hide-n-go-seek exhibitions around here. We find a relatively thorn-free location and let the kids think they’re hiding in a wild jungle… little do they know we can see them the entire time. Then ensues the elaborate drama, “Where are they?… Where CAN they be?”


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Another fun service available at Star Nursery are their classes. The kids classes are FREE and totally worth checking out!

But honestly one of my favorite attributes of Star is a department that doesn’t sell a single living thing: THE ROCK YARD!  IMG_0361If you’ve been buying soil, gravel, or sand by the bag, chances are you’ve been paying WAY too much. All you need is a truck and a little courage to try something new and you could be the proud owner of a full ton of topsoil, sandbox sand, or any number of hard-scapes for under $30 (with a few exceptions). The best part is you don’t even need a truck. For a small fee you can have it delivered, or even throw some buckets in the back of the mom-mobile, grab a shovel and go to town!  Just about everything in the rock yard is sold by weight, IMG_0366so you simply drive your vehicle of choice onto the scale (be sure to be courteous, there is a well established line at all the locations),IMG_0362 and tell the attendant what you’re after and approximately how much. IMG_0368If you’re getting a 1/4 – 1 ton you WILL need a truck and/or trailer, so they’ll just dump it in with the tractor while you sit on the scale (don’t forget to roll up the windows… it gets a bit dusty).IMG_0371 If you’ll be loading yourself, let them know, make sure they get your weight on the scale, and you can drive over to the location of the material and fill up, then pop back on the scale. Once you’ve had your load weighed, park over to the side (be sure to stay clear of the tractors and commercial trucks) and head into the rock yard office to pay. That’s it! You’re on your way to playing in the dirt!

Happy Gardening!


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