Last minute Valentines! -MVP PRINTABLE-

Naptime Gnome Post #21

Valentines: Quick, easy, cheap, and best of all, filled with LOVE!

DSCN8823Need a quick and easy valentine to please the masses? Sure, you could drop everything and rush to the market, OR, you could download a cute little something, load up the printer with a stack of card stock or perforated business card stock, sign, attach to your favorite treat (here are the treats we used, oh, and here is the drizzle) and go! So here it is!

The beautiful artwork on this one is a Little Bear original!  To make your own original cards with your little one’s artwork, just scan or photograph their work, amp up the contrast and play with the exposure digitally until you clean up the shadows that may exist as artifacts. Once you’re happy with it, just insert into your document.

Struggling to squeeze artwork out of your own little perfectionist? My little guy has a hard time with art projects because he’s worried he will  “ruin” it or “mess up.” I’ve found giving him a little bit of a template gives him enough framework where he feels like he’s not overboard without a vest, but he can still venture into the world of creativity. As time goes by I’ve been giving less and less guidance, but arts and crafts time at our house is always a long and arduous journey. This time, I drew a simple off-center heart with a pencil. Made something similar so he could see me get messy and not melt into a puddle of mush and then presented him with his own little pot of red paint and let him finger paint. DSCN8811He wrestled with his own creative instincts for about a half hour: “Do I fill it in?… Do I trace it? … Do I use one finger… or more?… Do I do the outside or the inside… OR BOTH?” While I periodically interjected:  “What would YOU like to do?”  Then came the inevitable… “I can’t do this.”  After some intense cajoling we realized we didn’t want to get messy, so then it was nekid time.  He decided one finger from each hand would do just fine. He ended up doing half with his left and the other half with his right hand, and was not satisfied until all of the pencil was concealed… then it was off to the tub!

I think the results are gorgeous, but of course I’m biased, and I find half the beauty in the process.  It was scanned, color adjusted to allow the white paper to blend onto a white background, I added some text, printed, hole punched and attached to the chocolate dipped Rice Krispy treats we’d made together. After it was all said and done, he retorted, “Mommy why didn’t you just draw the heart on the computer, it would have been MUCH faster.” Sarcastic internal thought, “Why yes dear, yes it would.” External and heartfelt exclamation, “Because you’re artwork is far more special than anything my computer can fabricate.”DSCN8816Enjoy!

-The Naptime Gnome <;’)… and mommy too.

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