Our “New” Home – Part 1…THE FLOORS!

Naptime Gnome Post #20

Big Changes for a Little Gnome

My apologies for the recent paucity of gnome posts. Big things have been happening around here and every free gnome moment has been devoted to demo, dust control, making the place inhabitable, dust control, attempting to keep up with progress, dust control… and sleep (for a change), as well as a bit of dust control. But now that the momentum is waning a bit, the holidays are behind us, OOH, and the dust has cleared (!), here’s what we’ve been up to! We’ll start with the new floors… Oh, but wait! I can’t jump in and show you what we’ve done, until first showing you what we had to work with.  I promise a few project idea and tutorial posts to come, and eventually we may even have to build up to a grand reveal of all the recent projects… but FIRST… “before” pictures!


The Entry Way

The Entry Way – Welcome to our home! The recent wind has done a number on our chalkboard… we’ll add that to the ever growing list of gnome projects!

We didn’t mind the tile entryway and hall so much, though it had a few cracks and chips, but the house just seemed a little disjointed as the entry, hall, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and bath were all tile, but our fairly “open” floor plan was broken up with oddly shaped bits of carpet delineating the living and family rooms. The carpet was pretty worn upon moving in 5 years ago, but we decided the best way to improve our floors and our space was to have one unified look throughout the downstairs area, which to us, meant hard floors. As we were pregnant with 1 and knew we wanted at least 2 kiddles, we decided to put off the flooring project until both munchkins were walking. And guess what! They’re both completely bipedal… so it’s time to get floored!

The Living Room

The Living Room, the curtains are my favorite part of this room… even though they’ve been up for about two years and I’ve still yet to hem them <;-P

The carpet was actually tolerable in the living room… EXCEPT for the two foot square where EVERY child in the neighborhood has done the hokie pokie before having removed their shoes on the bench that was located… ON THE TILE! <;-P Even our Bear couldn’t resist the urge to dance in circles for a minute or so before kicking his shoes off to stay a while. I was looking forward to locating the child magnet that lie beneath (SPOILER ALERT: I was left wanting). There was also a few tears in the carpet here, among other places, when we moved in, but our frequent vacuuming and shampooing in an effort to keep nearly white carpet nearly white, resulted in further abuse to the edges of the tears.


The presumed location of a covert child magnet.


The Hall


The family room complete with a bit of the family! Say hi Papa!

The family room space seemed a bit small with carpet, as it dictated exactly as far back as our furniture could go without exiting the family room and entering the kitchen or the hall.  It had also been quite worn when we bought the house, and we’ve done nothing but abuse it further, especially with the aforementioned monthly carpet cleanings.


The fireplace and mantel

We love having the fireplace, even though many of our relatives from colder climates find it laughable that we even have such a thing in Las Vegas, but we never really cared for the step. It really just served as a jagged uneven landing pad for all toddling, rough housing, random dance parties, and tumbling that inevitably takes place in this space… from which we’ve spent many moments shielding little heads. So we knew that would go with the flooring, and we decided that since we were ousting the base we should take the opportunity to redo the facade as well.


So that’s the ‘before’ for the main portion of the downstairs flooring! Tomorrow, the magic begins!  Stay tuned as the saga continues and get ready for tile to fly!


-The Naptime Gnome! <;’)

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