Stratosphere Tower – The Best View in Town… NOW FREE! For a limited time only… some restrictions may apply… … …

Mommy Vegas Idea #20

I Can See My House From Here! No, Really!DSCN8064 One of the best views in Las Vegas just got better! For the month of January the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino is offering free tower admission to all locals!

I was pretty impressed with McDonald’s dinky cup of free joe until this one rolled around! For the next couple weeks you can take the whole fam to the highest roost in Vegas and not spend a dime, that’s nearly $50 is savings for a family of 4! DSCN2773There are a few little caveats, but nothing to get too worked up over. The first, you have to be a local, so don’t forget your local ID. Second, the freebie only applies Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and you’ll want to get there early; it gets a little wild… that’s code for the line grows exponentially by the moment. DSCN8045108, or so, stories up you’ll find a 360° observation deck (both indoor and outdoor options), four awesome thrill rides and much more!  DSCN8043While the tower is free, the attractions are additional, but this is a great time to try out the rides, particularly if only a few people in your party are thrill seekers!


Photo Credit: Lee Pettet

If you’re really looking for a rush, they’ll even let you jump off the side of the building… for a fee… but well worth it! Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 11.46.44 PMIn fact, SkyJump may just be my favorite thrill “ride”… EVER. This controlled free fall (the highest in the world) allows you to glide down 855 feet (about 108 stories) with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world. 😉 SkyJump isn’t cheap, at $109.99, but right now locals are only $89.99, which I have to say, is money well spent at least once in a lifetime. You do have to be at least 14 years old (Little Bear is counting the days, no really, he’s made me do the math on several occasions!), but rumor has it 94 isn’t too old! So as long has you have a healthy ticker, no baby on board, and are otherwise in generally fair working order, you may want to give it a try! For tickets and availability, visit the SkyJump Store in the Stratosphere Tower Shops (located on the second floor).DSCN8049Not ready to jump yet? If you find yourself kid-less on this outing, you may also want to visit Air Bar, the highest bar in Las Vegas.  Hungry? The Top of the World is only a short elevator ride away. The Top of the World restaurant, that is!

This slowly (and more importantly, SMOOTHLY) rotating venue allows you to see every aspect of the Valley from a bird’s perspective, while enjoying a wide variety of deliciously fine fair. The food and service is AMAZING, but it’s a bit of a splurge.  You can get a similar experience for much less if you visit during lunch hours (around $25- $30/plate).

Once tourist season heats back up the Carvery is bound to reopen for business (it takes a brief brake in the winter months, but should re-open February 28th).  If you like Capriotti’s, this delightful little sandwich joint is a must try! They carve a freshly roasted bird, roast or ham (you choose), right onto a fresh roll (again, you choose), to then be piled high with seemingly endless toppings, from roasted peppers to cranberry sauce, and just about any sauce, veggie and cheese you can think of! Not into meat? No problem! They make a mean salad, just how you like it.  Once you’ve created your masterpiece, find a window seat and enjoy!

Anyway you slice it, the Stratosphere Tower has a lot of amazing attractions all in one convenient, not-quite-“Strip” location.  So if you haven’t seen it since their last major remodel, make some time and take advantage of this great local offer!

Getting There

Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89104-2597
(702) 380-7777

See it on the Mommy Vegas Map!

The Strat is located just North of Sahara on Las Vegas Boulevard and is easily accessed by taking the Sahara Exit East from the I-15, to Las Vegas Boulevard and turn North (left).

Happy sightseeing!


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