Last Minute Treasure Hunt: Kettlemucks Toy Shoppe

Mommy Vegas Idea #19

Good Old-Fashioned Fun for Under the Tree This Year!DSCN7684 Still need something special to put under the tree for one of your little people this year? Check-out Kettlemucks for some great last minute surprises!  What? You can’t escape the kiddos long enough to sneak off to the bathroom by yourself? Don’t fret!  Kettlemuck’s has just the right amount of magic to keep the littles occupied long enough for you to skip up to the counter with the perfect something to slide into a bag to be smuggled home!DSCN7695What is this magic you ask? Why treasure of course! This little vintage style shop is practically powered by magic and treasure! You’ll find life-sized stuffed critters, a talking tree and loads of hand-made, traditional, and collectable toys, what you won’t find are cords, plugs, batteries or screens! DSCN7700  You’ll find plenty of blocks and building kits, books, simple machines, stuffed critters, soft and chewy baby toys and they have a great collection of vintage style Fisher Price and Hape toys!DSCN7702Not only can you shop for treasure, you can actually DIG for it!  It’s a bit of a splurge for my thrifty nature, but well worth it!  For under ten bucks your kidlette can trudge around in knee deep “sand” (AKA, the pelleted remains of gallon milk jugs), in search of buried treasure! So dig out some high boots and muster up your finest pirate brogue and dive in!DSCN7689

You are welcome to join your little looter in the quest or, if they’re old enough to go at it alone, use the moments of solitude to explore the store in search of the perfect gift for your precious little someone(s).  So when you consider the value in ditching the baby sitter for a little solo-esque Christmas shopping, it’s quite the bargain!

The treasure may not seem like much to the untrained eye – simple bobbles, including pencil toppers, plastic dinosaurs, faux coins, plastic gems and polished rocks are typical finds – but to the highly skilled treasure hunter, these are unparalleled bits of highly coveted bounty.  I was fairly certain or Bug would leap in with eager excitement, but I was a bit worried that our serious Little Bear would be disappointed with the plastic trinkets after I talked up the appeal of seeking lost treasure.  To my surprise, he was nearly shaking with excitement and eagerness to dig and struggled to whittle down his haul in order to fit the tiny velvet bag he’d been issued.  My diligent little ninja of neatness was also thrilled with the cleanliness of the experience, noting upon our departure that he didn’t realize digging could be such a mess-free endeavor!

They were both so tickled with the experience I got them both a treasure hunt to stuff in their stockings… thought Santa could use a bit of help. 🙂 DSCN7761If you have any little readers for which to finish shopping, you’re sure to find something great on the book wall, or on one of the many specialty book carousels around the shop.

DSCN7697There are too many great ideas to show, you should really just go check it out!  As you explore the store you’re bound to find many things you didn’t even know you needed, many of which you won’t find anywhere else in town, and the prices are reasonable, particularly for a small family-run operation.  Sure you can find many of these items cheaper online, but with one-and-a-half days of shopping left, chances are slim for an on-time arrival, plus your purchases support the local economy!

If your holiday budget is running a bit tight, or you’ve already spent most of your allotted funds, not to worry, there are often some great bargains to be had as well! If you’re lucky, you may find a discount table or two!  DSCN7698


Kettlemuck’s Toy Shoppe is located just North of Anthem on Eastern (North of Sunridge Heights), or you can see it on the Mommy Vegas Map HERE!

Eastern Hills Shopping Center
10895 Eastern Avenue — Suite 120
Henderson, NV 89052
(702) 776-8349

Keep in the loop regarding new items, sales and special hours by “liking” them on Facebook!

Their normal hours are:

  • Monday–Saturday from 10AM–5PM
  • Sunday from Noon-4PM

But they have extended their holiday hours to 7PM tonight, and they will be open until 5PM tomorrow!

So if you’re still looking to add a few more treasures to your tree’s stash, a stop by Kettlemuck’s is a must!

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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