Gotta Move Mondays at Enterprise Library

Mommy Vegas Idea #18

Gotta Move Mondays: A storytime to make time for!image_3If you feel like your library routine is getting a bit stagnant, give this fresh take on storytime a try! “Gotta Move Monday” is a well prepared storytime full of action, sensory exploration, and of course, books! The kids will sing, dance, stretch, wiggle, and shake together, while learning to attend and listen in a group — an all around great way to prep for pre-school and kindergarten.  image_2Miss Jenny, the facilitator, is positively adorable and connects well with the kiddos and parents alike, even those new to the group – and with three weeks between sessions, every time is bound to feel new and fresh.  One of the best attributes of this storytime is the careful inclusion of babies, toddlers and preschoolers — not an easy feat we’ve found!  There is a distinct square taped off on the ground to denote the wild and crazy play space — so parents, younger children, and the slightly less daring, can sit safely on the sidelines.  photoThe square isn’t always wild, it’s amazing how quickly it can cool off! Particularly as they all turn into calm collected little yogis!  That’s right, Miss Jenny actually gets them all to do yoga poses together… and WELL!


Little Bug showing off her yoga prowess, while slowly edging into the square where the wild things are…

Miss Jenny does a beautiful job of gently guiding the participants to help keep the interactions between the various age groups (0-5 yrs) gentle and safe, while impressing upon the parents in the group how they can help guide the interactions as well.  She does an excellent job of quickly and effectively helping parents understand the expectations for the actions of their little ones, especially the bigger guys.  This storytime is a must for families with multiple munchkins not yet in kindergarten!

The Details

Gotta Move Monday is typically the 3rd Monday of the month, but you’ll want to check the calendar, their Facebook page, or call ((702) 507-3760) to be sure! The next one is currently scheduled for this Monday, December 16th at 11 am.


Enterprise Library

25 E Shelbourne

Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

See it on the Mommy Vegas Map!

Happy movin’!


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