Santa’s Wrap: Pop-in to this fun Pop-up!

Mommy Vegas Idea #17

Think Inside the Wrap for Holiday Shopping This Year!DSCN7134Growing up in a tiny tourist town we had no shortage of cute little shops popping up from time to time, but none were so precious, nor did any withstand the test of time quite like our year-round Christmas store: Forever Christmas. From the moment you ducked into this tiny little converted cottage your every sense was bombarded with holiday cheer, like a little slice of Who-Ville, all year round!  Never had I experienced such a well curated collection of holiday fun until, that is, we stumbled upon Santa’s Wrap!

While working on a Trader Joe’s post (I’m actually rather excited… you’ll see it after the holidays!), we noticed a new store had popped up (literally, we found) down on Eastern, between Coronado Center and Horizon Ridge (in the Kmart/Trader Joe’s shopping center). With a name like “Santa’s WRAP,” this Christmas loving family couldn’t resist, so in we went, nearly-bursting shopping bags and all!  After being promptly and pleasantly greeted, and quickly relieved of our heavy load, by two delightful sales associates, we began exploring this beautifully curated shop (I would love to say “little” shop, but I simply can’t, the place is actually rather substantial!).

DSCN7133I particularly love how they have organized the decor items by theme. This seems obvious, but often when shopping you have to sift through all the wreathes to find the perfect one, and then on to the ornaments, stockings, and so on. DSCN7128There are definitely caches of unique ornaments, stockings, and other types of accessories, but they have artfully called-out a few popular and striking themes which draw the eye and make finding the perfect gift, or addition to your own collection, much more enjoyable!  DSCN7124In addition to the traditional items, they also have some more edgy and taste specific bobbles.  The diversity of the merchandise coupled with the noteworthy expertise of the staff makes for an almost guaranteed score, especially if you have someone a little more tricky to shop for on your holiday list! DSCN7131I also love that they haven’t completely neglected Hanukkah! We, like so many, have a bit of a blended family, so even though we are ALL about Christmas, some of those we hold most dear celebrate the Festival of Lights, and Santa’s Wrap understands this! While it may be a little late this year, definitely keep it in mind for next year!DSCN7123In addition to seemingly endless fun holiday treats and decor, they also have an extensive selection of great plushes, games, and toys, including a very impressive supply of  Melissa & Doug® puzzles and play-sets! DSCN7127

If you don’t have an Elf on the Shelf, hurry down and check them out! There is really no better way to dupe, I mean coerce ;), the littles into fantastic holiday attitude mode than these fun little Santa Spies! They even have a whole line of clothes for the little snitches! Which leads me to my next point, if you DO have an Elf on the Shelf, hurry down and check out the Elf on the Shelf display… what self-respecting Shelf Elf wants to be seen in exactly the same attire year after year!? <:)DSCN7129

As our shopping adventure came to an end at Santa’s Wrap, we found that one of the amazing associates was actually the owner! She told us of their other location at the Galleria Mall, and treated the kidlettes to a little surprise! Everyone came away with an excellent experience, and I popped back in later to get a few surprises in which they had shown interest, and found the experience to be just as enjoyable… maybe even a little more so, as I wasn’t worried about the munchkins mangling anything! 😉

The only flaw we can find in this adorable store is its seasonal pop-up status! But we can completely understand that not everyone sees the need for Christmas and Hanukkah treats year-round!  DSCN7132If you, like the Hubby, search high and low each year for the perfect ornament for all your someone-specials, this is the place for you! Or, if you find yourself in a rush for some last minute gifts, you really can’t go wrong, just grab a treat or bottle of wine at Trader Joe’s, and stop in for a great holiday bag, an ornament or two, and a few Melissa & Doug® toys on the way to your next holiday party! Or better yet, stop by today! Their Facebook page is advertising 25% of EVERYTHING today!

Happy Shopping!


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