10th Week of Christmas – Beach Ball Ornament

Naptime Gnome Idea #16

Sanda Claus is Coming to Town – Give a little of the coast with this fun and easy DIY Ornament! DSCN7624 If you’re looking for an idea for an easy handmade gift, this easy do-it-yourselfer is sure to warm up the holidays with a little beachy flair!  I’m tickled to say this idea comes from my clever partner in crime, the Midnight Gnome!  It all started when she was telling me about this great ornament idea, but wasn’t sure how to make it happen.  So we put our pointy little caps together and with her creativity, and my ingenuity, not to mention a late night run to the craft store for teeny-tiny sea stars and such, here it is!DSCN7621

In the process of putting this little beauty together, we also came up with a couple other ideas utilizing the same materials… some of which were trashcan bound:DSCN7629


  • Clear Plastic Ornaments – Your local craft store (we exploited Micheal’s) should have at least a few options… we opted for plastic here, but I’m sure you could use glass as well, we were just envisioning the sandy mess should one of these babies hit the deck… ugh, but the choice is yours!
  • Beach Sand – available at craft stores, or your local quarry or gardening center, we used some leftover from landscaping the yard… or if you’re lucky enough to live on the beach, you probably have plenty in your jogging shoes!
  • Tiny Sea Shells – These too were purchased at the craft store, but you could use found items as well
  • Tiny Sea Stars – these are optional if you can’t find them, but we really thought they made the whole project sparkle!
  • Caulk – any type is fine, we used tub and tile because it was loaded in the gun <:’)
  • Sea glass – optional (we used it, but I don’t think it made a huge impact)
  • Cupcake wrappers, or a funnel/paper to help pour sand into the ornament globe
  • Nail polish (optional, if you choose to cover the top with sand)
  • Jute, twine, or ribbon for decorating the top and hanging (optional)

The quick and dirty on how to make this charming little number a reality:

  1. Make sure the sand is completely dry so it doesn’t fog up the inside of the ornament after sealing. We baked ours in the oven @ 200°F for 1 hour. photo
  2. After sand has cooled, use a cupcake wrapper to pour sand into plastic, or glass if you like living on the edge, ornament. We chose to just cover the bottom, but use your own discretion. image_1
  3. Carefully drop shells and sea glass, if you like, into the globe. image_2
  4. Select a sea star small enough to fit, and carefully insert.  Though the these little guys are nearly too adorable to wait, be sure to insert your little star LAST so he doesn’t break under the blow of another object.image_3
  5. Move your items around using a chopstick or the end of a pencil to make sure you are happy with the composition of your ornament. Remove, or carefully add, items until your fancy is sufficiently tickled.image_5
  6. After putting our prototypes together we realized that we didn’t care for the silver tops. We chose to paint the topper with nail polish (because it dries faster than glue, and we’re impatient little gnomes) and apply sand until covered (you can dip it, then sprinkle more sand wherever you missed). Here is an example of both looks, you can choose for yourself:DSCN7610
  7. Caulk the underside of the ornament topper, you may use your finger to make sure the material is spread evenly.DSCN7601
  8. Pinch the prongs together and carefully insert them into the ball. Then slide the topper down onto the ornament evenly and twist slightly to get a good seal… we’re hoping this will keep the sand in… so far so good… **I don’t recommend this… but in the name of experimentation… I gave mine a good shake after a few days and all is still well. <;’)**
  9. To reiterate, DO NOT SHAKE… at least until the caulk is likely to be dry, and even then, you will find yourself swirling it until all the items inside are back where you want them – best to handle with care whenever possible.
  10. Add any finishing touches like wrapping the sides of the top in jute, ribbon or twine (we used jute), and tying a hanger on top (or a hook will work just fine).
  11. Wrap carefully, or place in a box emblazoned with “THIS SIDE UP.”
  12. Gift.
  13. Cringe as recipient shakes…
  14. ENJOY!DSCN7625

-The Midnight *<:’) & Naptime <;’) Gnomes

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