Sunset Park – New and Improved, but Still a Great Place to Feed the Ducks!

Mommy Vegas Idea #14

Playing Fields, Athletic Courts, Playgrounds, Trails, and Critters Galore!


One of our oldest and largest city parks, is once again one of our nicest!  We have been visiting Sunset Park for over a decade and have always enjoyed the park, but it had long been evident that the grounds had seen better days… that is, until recently!  The extensive revamping has left Sunset Park resembling a little (or rather large, actually) slice of heaven!  The walking/jogging trails are wonderful, and have done nothing but improve over the years. The revitalized and redesigned community and picnic areas are beautiful and bring so much more versatility to the park. The new play equipment is also quite noteworthy. The addition of the beautiful splash pad is one of our faves!


The sports options are numerous, including a large and fairly straightforward disc golf course, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, baseball fields and seemingly endless grassy fields for all your frolicking needs. You can even fish in the 14 acre (+/-) pond, provided you possess a valid fishing license. Throw in a line and you’re likely to pull out a rainbow trout, largemouth bass, blue gill or channel catfish, thanks to the generous stocking of these, and a few other species, provided by the Nevada State Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Even with all these amazing amenities, my little ones are always left wanting if we fail to feed the many ducks, geese, coots, and other water fowl… we even saw a huge pelican the other day!


I would be amiss if I didn’t mention how well the park is kept. We usually visit in the morning and I’m always impressed with the people working so diligently to keep this space beautiful and clean. We have had nothing but lovely experiences with all the grounds and maintenance crews. On our last visit, they even went out of their way to keep us posted as to the projected opening time of the playground, as they were still tidying up! One gentleman even drove back and forth from the pond area, of his own volition, just to keep us informed as to their progress!


That being said, I have noticed that later in the day it can be a little untidy, and I have occasionally heard complaints regarding the cleanliness of the park, but keep in mind, the park is large and busy, so mornings may be the best time to visit.


Getting There

See it on the Mommy Vegas Map

Sunset Park is located on the corner of Sunset Road and Eastern Road, in the Southeast corner. The park spans all to way South to Warm Springs Road, and to the East it stretches about halfway to Pecos (nearly to what I like to call Wayne Manner… no Batman doesn’t live in Vegas… I wish, just Wayne Newton ;).  There are multiple entrances both on Sunset and Eastern. The best ways to access the most of the playing fields, the North end of the pond, and the splash pad is by using the the entrances off Sunset, or the the Eastern entrance closest to Sunset.

FREE MVP (Mommy Vegas Printable)!

Our Little Bear loves a good scavenger hunt, so we thought we’d share his hunt for the Wilderness Playground (see it on the map). Feel free to download and print a few!

Happy Parking, and don’t forget the bread!


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