Sunset Stampede at Mystic Falls, Sam’s Town

Mommy Vegas Idea #13

Lights, Camera… FOUNTAINS! 

Mystic Falls Sam's Town

It may not be the Bellagio Fountains, but it’s indoors, climate controlled, and off the Strip. The rather grand artificial water fall of Mystic Falls at Sam’s Town serves as the backdrop for this fun little fountain show.  The choreographed water dances and spurts to a musical score that seams to chronical the emotion of a wild west stampede, complete with dramatic pauses, dynamic eruptions of chaos and the lull that follows, and well, all sorts of fountainy, laser lit, goodness.

Sunset Stampede

It’s actually quite impressive as free shows go. Little Bug danced the whole show through, about 10 minutes worth, and tossed her hands to the side as to say “Where’d it go?” once it ended. Our Bear was a little less impressed, but he tends to shy from loud noises, which this show is not short on.

Sunset Stampede at Mystic Falls

The Old West theme is a must if you have a little cowboy or cowgirl at home. The last time we were there we spotted, not one, but TWO Woodies (Woodys?)! We were at a loss for which was the REAL Woody. Eventually it was agreed that they were indeed pretending to be the Toy Story character, but it took Little Bear MANY attempts at convincing me, I still contend that at least ONE of them was the real deal!  😉

Be sure to schedule enough time to walk about in the “park” and enjoy the twinkle light lit path and the many critters hiding amid the scene (see the Mommy Vegas Printable (MVP) below.  If you are not familiar with Sam’s Town, they have a good size cinema, extensive buffet, ice cream parlor and food court available, so if this is a bit of a drive for you, maybe plan to pair the show with another on-property activity!


Sam's Town

The Details
Shows occur daily, starting at 2 PM, followed by showings at 6, 8 and 10 PM. The 2 PM showing seems to be nice for the little guys because it tends to be mostly little people with their families, which equates to fewer huge obstructions in their view (with any luck). If you want to pair your trip with a visit to the movies, arcade, or one of the many eateries, you may opt for the 6 or 8 PM showings. 

Sunset Stampede at Mystic Falls, Sam's Town

You’ll hear a wolf howl just prior to the start of the approximately 10 minute show. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to move towards the bridge facing Mystic Falls.

Either before or after make sure you take the time to explore the simulated nature area, complete with animatronic animals. To get a little more out of the experience, print a copy of our MVP kiddle Safari!

Mommy Vegas Printable, Mystic Falls Safari
Click to Access Free Printable!

Getting There


5111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV

(702) 456-7777


Mystic Falls is located in the Atrium of Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall (just about the center of the casino). Sam’s Town is on Boulder Highway, just South of Flamingo, between Nellis and Harmon.  


Happy hunting!



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